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Lisa Taddeo: Three Women

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'We always talk about daddy issues for women … I think that mommy issues for women is so much bigger, specifically when it comes to desire.'

Lisa Taddeo
Photograph of Lisa Taddeo, wearing a white shirt, with brown hair, looking at the camera

'With the #MeToo movement right now, we are finally saying what we don't want as a gender,' Lisa Taddeo has said. 'But we are still not talking about what we do want.' 

Taddeo's bestselling book, Three Women, is all about what women want. It's a work of immersive non-fiction, telling the intimate true stories of three American women, and of how their sexual desires have been shaped, distorted, fulfilled and exploited. 

Described on NPR as 'a work of deep observation, long conversations, and a kind of journalistic alchemy', Three Women took Taddeo eight years to write. She travelled across the country to be near her subjects for months at a time, to learn about their lives and their personal histories. 

With its focus on power, judgement, shame and infatuation, the book has become an international bestseller, sparking impassioned discussion and debate. How do we surprise and disturb others – and ourselves – with what we want? How are our desires deeply idiosyncratic and how are they universal?

In this podcast-only conversation – originally slated to be held in May, in partnership with Sydney Writers' Festival – Taddeo discusses these ideas and more with Sophie Black.


Portrait of Lisa Taddeo

Lisa Taddeo

Lisa Taddeo is a #1 New York Times bestselling author, a two-time recipient of the Pushcart Prize (2017, 2019), and received her MFA in fiction as the Saul Bellow Fellow from Boston University. Her fiction has been published in Harper's, Granta, McSweeney's, The Sewanee Review, CQR, Notre Dame Review, NER, the Sun and Esquire, among others. Her non-fiction has been published in Esquire, New York Magazine, Elle, the New York Observer, the Guardian and Glamour, among others. She is a columnist for the Style section of the Sunday Times in London, and her work has been included in Best American Sports Writing and Best American Political Writing. Her debut non-fiction book Three Women debuted at #1 on both the New York Times bestseller list and the Sunday Times UK bestseller list. She is currently developing the adaption of Three Women as a limited series for Showtime, as well as a half-hour project, Beautiful Babies, at Netflix. Her debut novel, Animal, will be published next year, and a collection of short stories to follow.

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