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Kenan Malik on Identity Politics

Listen to Kenan Malik on Identity Politics

Photograph of Vanessa Pigrum and Kenan Malik

Vanessa Pigrum and Kenan Malik

‘Contemporary identity politics is less about confronting injustice than about rebranding it,’ Kenan Malik has written.

In this episode, the provocative and insightful London-based scholar outlines his ideas on the limitations of our preoccupation with identity. What do we mean by ‘identity politics’ anyway? And how does the debate about identity relate to the wider debates that now dominate politics, on immigration, populism and diversity?

Malik looks at the arguments, critiquing claims from right and left, tracing the roots of identity politics – from its nationalist, anti-Enlightenment roots, through the struggles of the civil rights movement to the present day.

After presenting his own arguments, he discusses them with Vanessa Pigrum and takes audience questions. Join him for a conversation about the complicated meaning of justice, liberation and solidarity today.

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