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Photo of Sally Warhaft, facing away from the camera, and Michael Fullilove, looking out toward the audience gesturing with his left hand

Sally Warhaft and Michael Fullilove

What is Australia’s place in the world? How are we getting along with our neighbours? And how is our international outlook changing? 

For this conversation, Sally Warhaft is joined by executive director of the Lowy Institute, Michael Fullilove. The pair discuss the foreign policy challenges Australia is facing now and into the future. Can we find ways to work better with our neighbours, especially Indonesia? How can we best navigate the increasing tension between China and the United States? How will the volatility of the Trump presidency and Brexit affect Australia in the years ahead? And what will Marise Payne bring to the role of Foreign Minister in a world of disruption and uncertainty?

Join us for a wide-ranging spotlight on foreign affairs, encompassing trade, alliances, cybersecurity and powerful and populous neighbours.

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