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Australia's #MeToo

Listen to Australia's #MeToo

Photo of the panel: Sally Warhaft, George McEncroe and Kate McClymont

Left to right: Sally Warhaft, George McEncroe and Kate McClymont — Photo: Emily Harms

How do headline-grabbing stories about powerful figures in the media affect the broader Australian culture?

The #MeToo movement began in the US – with the Harvey Weinstein revelations in October 2017 – and it quickly spread around the globe. In this discussion, we’ll look at how #MeToo is playing out here in Australia with two guests who approach the subject from very different angles.

Investigative reporter Kate McClymont broke the Don Burke sexual harassment allegation story late last year. George McEncroe is the founder of Shebah, an all-female rideshare service (in the style of Uber), which launched last year too.

With Sally Warhaft, our guests discuss how #MeToo is changing public conversation and affecting private lives. Can #MeToo benefit all women or are the gains of the movement restricted to certain sections of society? What are women riding with Shebah saying about harassment and everyday safety in Australian cities? And what more can be done to effect lasting change?

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