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Atmosphere of Hope

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Photo: Sally Warhaft, John Grimes, Katherine Teh-White, Tim Flannery

Ten years after his internationally bestselling book, The Weather Makers, author and scientist Tim Flannery argues in Atmosphere of Hope that the global climate system is close to crisis.

Following the recent announcement of Obama’s Clean Power Plan, and in the lead-up to the United Nations Climate Change Conference (to be held in Paris in December 2015), Fifth Estate host Sally Warhaft is joined by Tim Flannery alongside Australian Solar Council CEO John Grimes and futurist Katherine Teh-White to provide both a snapshot of the trouble we’re already in – and a discussion of the emerging technologies that give us hope for the future of our planet.

From atmospheric carbon capture to seaweed farming to carbon dioxide snow production in Antarctica and the manufacture of carbon-rich biochar, our guests will discuss not only the depths of the climate change crisis – but the transformative models that might mitigate its effects.

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