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#10 Fully Sick Sex

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Photo of Erin Kyan smiling while holding his cat.

Love, sex and gender can be just about the most complicated parts of having a body. Add chronic illness into the mix and you’ve got a potential recipe for awkward dates, bedroom compromises and self-loathing ... OR NOT! As Erin Kyan explains, chronic illness can be a gateway to completely unique, unforgettable experiences, and relationships that go the extra mile in terms of communication and intimacy. Sometimes, knowing the limits of your body also means seeing its possibilities.

In the season finale of Pill Pop, hosts Silvi and Izzie receive a mystery tape, plus audio producer and disabled performer Erin Kyan talks love, sex, gender and accessibility. We don’t recall Dolly Doctor ever answering a dilemma about chronically ill love and sex, but if they did, it would probably be something like this!

Content warning: this episode includes discussions of physical and mental illness, transphobia, hospitals and medical trauma.

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Hosted, produced and edited by Silvi Vann-Wall and Izzie Austin. Podcast producer at Passer Vulpes Productions and Quippings performer Erin Kyan is our guest.

Recorded at Studio 757, Melbourne and Silvi and Izzie's respective home offices. This series is produced in partnership with the Wheeler Centre's Signal Boost programme. Mentorship and production support from Jon Tjhia, Beth Atkinson-Quinton and Bec Fary.

Music: 'Dip Dop' by Barrie Gledden; 'Sad Marimba Planet' and 'More on That Later' by Lee Rosevere. Sound effects sourced from


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Portrait of Silvi Vann-Wall

Silvi Vann-Wall

Silvi Vann-Wall is an audio producer and podcaster, with a strong journalism background. She loves making weird and wonderful audio and is usually found with headphones on. She has lived with a chronic illness for ten years and this informs her current work.

Portrait of Izzie Austin

Izzie Austin

Izzie Austin is a zinester and postgraduate student who grew up in Brisbane with several cats, and now lives in Brunswick with just one cat. They are currently undertaking a PhD in cinema studies and working on Pill Pop – a podcast about chronic illnesses, including their own messed-up pancreas.

Portrait of Erin Kyan

Erin Kyan

Erin Kyan is a disabled, queer and trans writer, performer, and podcast producer. He first moved into podcasting in 2017 with the Love and Luck podcast, a fiction podcast about the LGBTIQA+ community in his home town of Melbourne, which has been critically acclaimed by podcast journalists and has been a finalist in the Australian Podcast Awards two years in a row. 

Pill Pop

An audio road trip for the chronically ill.

Pill Pop is hosted by two chronically ill people – Izzie and Silvi – who take you on a road trip through chronic-illness country. Izzie was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes as a young kid, and Silvi was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis as a teenager.

We've lived the majority of our lives with illness, and now it's time to share our stories with people just like us. So hop on in to the back seat of our secondhand ambulance and buckle up for the trip of a lifetime!

At each Pill Pop Pit Stop, we'll interview a guest about their life with chronic illness, covering everything from the funny, the sad and the flat-out gross. Each episode will take you on a journey – from diagnosis, to finding a good doctor, to accepting that your illness is forever.

For anyone who's wondering what it's like to be chronically ill, we use the power of audio to fully immerse each listener in the body of our guests! It's like the episode of The Magic School Bus Ms Frizzle didn't want you to know about.