New News: Indigenous Voices

New News: Indigenous Voices

With the proliferation of new media tools, Indigenous Australians are some of the most innovative new media users. They’re engaging previously overlooked communities and enabling citizens in new ways. We’ll talk about the new media revolution in Indigenous communication.

With Kelly Briggs, Gamilaroi writer (the Guardian, Croakey), Amy McQuire (Tracker), Jim Remedio, station manager at 3KND and Patricia Karvelas, of the Australian. Chaired by Ellie Rennie, Swinburne University of Technology.

Supported by Melbourne Social Equity Institute.

New News was presented in partnership with the Wheeler Centre and the Centre for Advancing Journalism at the University of Melbourne.


Portrait of Kelly Briggs

Kelly Briggs

Kelly Briggs writes about First Australian issues from an intersectional feminist viewpoint. Kelly is a supporter of First Peoples Self Determination and has been published in the Guardian, New Matilda, Croakey and the Hoopla. She was the winner of Social commentary blog of the year 2014 by the Australian Writers Centre for her blog and is currently working on an anthology piece for Indigenous X.

Portrait of Patricia Karvelas

Patricia Karvelas

Patricia Karvelas is Victorian editor and bureau chief of the Australian and regularly writes on national affairs including welfare, employment, social issues, and Indigenous affairs.

Portrait of Amy McQuire

Amy McQuire

Amy McQuire is a Darumbal and South Sea Islander woman from Rockhampton in central Queensland. She has been the editor of the National Indigenous Times and Tracker magazine, was a former NITV National News political correspondent and journalist and producer for 98.9 FM in Brisbane. Recently, Amy worked at the online independent magazine New Matilda, where she still contributes occasionally, writing predominantly on Aboriginal affairs.

Currently, Amy is the Indigenous Affairs Reporter at Buzzfeed Australia and co-host of an investigative podcast called Curtain – centred around the wrongful conviction of an Aboriginal man who has been locked up for 26 years.

Portrait of Jim Remedio

Jim Remedio

Jim Remedio is station manager at 3KND. Jim has 30 years’ experience in community and national radio media networks throughout Australia. He was chairman of the National Indigenous Media Association Australia and managed the establishment of the National Indigenous Radio Service, Remote Indigenous Media Services.

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