Michael Kirby: Law, Love and Life

Michael Kirby: Law, Love and Life

When Michael Kirby retired from the High Court in 2009, he was Australia’s longest-serving judge. But it’s not his time on the bench that makes him so beloved; rather it’s his long record of human rights activism, his dynamic engagement with the law – and his courage in bringing his long-hidden private life into the public eye.

In this video, Kirby speaks with biographer (and documentary filmmaker) Daryl Dellora about his early life, European temperaments and his position on various Australian discrimination debates. Plus, fielding questions from the audience, he artfully avoids dispensing legal advice regarding some eerily lifelike political hypotheticals.


Portrait of Michael Kirby

Michael Kirby

Michael Kirby is one of Australia’s most admired public figures. When he retired from the High Court of Australia in February 2009, Kirby was Australia’s longest serving judge.

Portrait of Daryl Dellora

Daryl Dellora

Daryl Dellora is an award-winning documentary filmmaker. He is the recipient of an Australian Human Rights Award for his film Mr Neal is Entitled to be an Agitator, on the life of High Court Justice Lionel Murphy. Michael Kirby: Law, Love and Life is his first book.

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