Portrait of Celeste Liddle

Celeste Liddle

Celeste Liddle is a proud Arrernte woman (traditional owner in Central Australia) who was born in Canberra and has been living in Melbourne for 21 years. She is the current National Indigenous Organiser for the National Tertiary Education Union and also serves on their Women’s Action Committee. Prior to working for the NTEU, Celeste worked for the University of Melbourne and Victorian College of the Arts in Indigenous student support and recruitment and was active on the NTEU branch and division for many years.

Celeste is also a guest columnist for Daily Life and for the Guardian Australia, and blogs personally at http://blackfeministranter.blogspot.com

She completed a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Theatre and Drama at La Trobe University in 2002 (analysing Indigenous women’s monodramas and Indigenous youth representation) and a Graduate Diploma in Arts (primarily Political Sciences) at the University of Melbourne in 2012.​