Portrait of Celeste Liddle

Celeste Liddle

Celeste Liddle is a proud Arrernte woman (traditional owner in Central Australia) who was born in Canberra and has been living in Melbourne since she was a teenager. She is a trade unionist, an activist, a feminist, a social commentator and an opinion writer.

Celeste currently has a column with Eureka Street but has additionally been published by Fairfax, Newscorp, ABC, SBS, and many independent publications. In addition to this, Celeste has contributed to a number of anthologies of note including Growing Up Aboriginal in Australia and Mothers and Others

She completed a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Theatre and Drama at La Trobe University in 2002 (analysing Indigenous women’s monodramas and Indigenous youth representation) and a Graduate Diploma in Arts (primarily Political Sciences) at the University of Melbourne in 2012.​