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Nate DiMeo’s Memory Palace  /  Radio & podcasts

Nate DiMeo is the voice and producer of The Memory Palace, a celebrated storytelling podcast about the past. In this conversation, recorded live at Geelong Regional Library & Heritage Centre, he talks about history, time and wonder – and how he's built a creative livelihood around his writing. Hosted by Jon Tjhia.

Jon Tjhia and Nate DiMeo at Geelong Library and Heritage Centre — Photo: Helen Withycombe

In each short Memory Palace episode, DiMeo’s evocative, elegiac monologues reach back into history, returning with quiet magic; a flickering of something timeless. More than many podcasts, the show hinges on writing. ‘I'm just looking for some little fleck of something wonderful in the past,’ DiMeo has said of the process. ‘I latch onto that thing that moved me … We know the subject; what's the story? That's the part that takes forever.’

Based in Los Angeles, he’s recently been the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s artist in residence. Other recent writing projects include ghostwriting Pawnee: The Greatest Town in America with the Parks and Recreation writing team, several TV staff writing gigs and a novel in progress.

Note: We apologise for the poor audio quality of this recording, due to technical circumstances beyond our control.

Clips featured in this episode Excerpt from 'One to Another', episode 59 of The Allusionist 'Fifty Words Written After Learning the Arctic Bowhead Whale Can Live up to Two Hundred Years', episode 50 of The Memory Palace

Both used with permission.

This event was part of The Creative Exchange, presented in partnership with Creative Victoria, the Wheeler Centre and Geelong Regional Libraries.

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Portrait of Willoh S. Weiland

Willoh S. Weiland  /  Media art

Currently, Willoh is directing the Aphids project Forever Now, the third in her trilogy of works investigating the relationship between art and space. Forever Now is an international project, a response to the Voyager records of 1977, which will see the curation of a new 21st Century golden record. It is preceded by Void Love and Yelling at Stars.

Other Aphids work in-laboratory are Game Show and The Drive-In Project, both large-scale interdisciplinary works created with community arts groups to be presented in early 2014.

Past Aphids projects include a national tour of Thrashing Without Looking, a live-cinema and performance work experienced through virtual reality goggles; Computer Boy, a contemporary performance work commissioned for Performance Space, Sydney; Fever Beach and Exile, interactive digital artworks for the iPhone and iPad and Atelier Edens, a research project investigating the creation of cross-artform works in remote areas.

Willoh has made work for the Australian Centre for the Moving Image, the Next Wave Festival, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, the Centre for Contemporary Art in Glasgow. Residencies include an Asialink residency in Beijing, 2009 and Splendid Arts Lab and Visible City, Melbourne 2010. Willoh co-directs the laboratory space Head Quarters and is a member of the Field Theory. She has presented guest lectures on her arts practice and Aphids at RMIT, Swinburne and Deakin University.

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