Sam Elkin: ‘I would encourage anybody out there to chuck in an application and see what happens'

2019 Next Chapter recipient Sam Elkin shares their experience of applying for the scheme and encourages others to do so this year.

The Next Chapter: Sam Elkin on applying

'I just wrote, you know, honest and to-the-point answers about where I was at as a writer and what I wanted to do with my writing, and, you know, provided the judges with the kind of work that I wanted to do that I didn't necessarily think was up to scratch yet. So I would just encourage anybody out there, if they've got ideas about what they want to do and they've got passion, to just chuck in an application and see what happens.

'Because for me, like, I have to say I was completely stunned when I got the call saying that I was going to be part of the Next Chapter scheme. I wasn't expecting it, I didn't think my work was there yet, but obviously the judges saw something in it, some potential, which was, you know, really amazing and I'm really grateful for it.'

Each year for the Next Chapter, we pick ten outstanding writers and give them $15,000 each to develop their work. We match them with a mentor and work closely with them on bringing their writing to life, connecting them with peers, publishers and readers.

Applications are now open until 10 August 2020. And remember, you can have someone nominate you, too. Find out more.