How do I apply?

Applications for 2021 are now closed.  If you submitted, best of luck with your application.  We hope to announce the 2021 recipients in early November.

There are four requirements that need to be met when applying for The Next Chapter program:

  1. Tell us what you seek to get out of this scheme in 300 words or less, explaining how you’ll personally benefit from this opportunity. Have you encountered any specific ways in which the publishing industry was previously inaccessible to you? If someone is nominating you, they’ll write this section.
  2. You need a one-page letter of support from someone who can vouch for your capacity to deliver the work. If you’re being nominated, this letter is optional and can come from the person nominating you, or someone else.
  3. You need to provide a brief summary of your writing sample (maximum 200 words).
  4. You need to provide a writing sample. For fiction/non-fiction prose, 10,000 words of a book-length work-in-progress (with 10% leeway either way, i.e. a minimum of 9,000 and maximum of 11,000 words); for poetry, 10–15 completed pages with a view to producing a book length work of poetry (i.e. over 50 pages), not a chapbook; for a graphic novel, 15–30 pages of a work-in-progress. For hybrid works, or those not covered here (e.g. a verse novel, or a work that mixes prose and poetry) please contact us to discuss the preferred sample length.

The majority of the writing sample (ie. 75%) must directly relate to the work that will be developed as part of the scheme. It must be supplied in PDF format using the following file naming convention: surname_firstinitial.pdf

Still have questions about how to apply or even if you should? Tune in at lunchtime on Wednesday 30 June 2021 at 12.30pm for your opportunity to ask the Wheeler Centre's Veronica Sullivan and Sophie Black specific questions that may not be covered here. For now, last year’s live-streamed Q&A with Veronica and Sophie covers off on the most common questions about applying for The Next Chapter.

The Next Chapter: Lunchtime Q&A