Adopt a Word

Would you like a way to show your love and support for the Wheeler Centre, but just can’t find the right words?

Help preserve, protect and nurture the building blocks of our books, writing and ideas by adopting a word. 

While public restrictions on live events are in place due to COVID-19, your donation will go directly towards maintaining high quality live-streams, podcasts and videos. In addition to this you will be providing support or initiatives such as our Hot Desk Fellowship, The Next Chapter writers’ scheme, and the newly launched Signal Boost podcasting mentorship that have been developed to nourish Australia’s creative talent.

Every writer and speaker thanks you for your support, as do we!

If you have any questions or problems adopting please contact Brigid Reid, our Development Coordinator at or by phone on 0478 138 809.

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FOR $100,


  • A gift from our sponsor St Ali Coffee Brewers. This offer is limited to our first 25 adoptees only, so get in quick!
  • An Adopt-a-Word certificate with your chosen word and its definition
  • eBadge with your word to share on social media
  • The joy and satisfaction of supporting our work with the vibrant literary sector
  • Adoptions are for 12 months and are tax-deductible

Recently adopted words

  • Eximious
  • Barbigerous
  • Incogitable
  • Handy-billy
  • Idiosyncrasy
  • Popple
  • Vespiary
  • Svengali