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Being a teenager is all about change. Adolescence is when most of us form a sense of the world, try to find our place in it and (hopefully) have some fun along the way. Beyond what we learn at school, some of our most valuable learning happens when we discover the communities and ideas that connect us.

In the extraordinary times we live in, Wheeler Education is here to bring the world to teens – and teens to the world. In a series of online events, we’ll explore the challenges facing young people right now, and the bold ways they’re envisioning their own futures. Hear from teens, writers, and educators about their passions, plans, survival tips and more.

Public speaking resources, from the Plain English Speaking Award

Download an information sheet – with tips on public speaking, and some notes on why it's good for you – here. For more information about the Plain English Speaking Award, visit the VCAA website, where you can also listen to recordings of previous state finalists.

Self-care strategies from Project Rockit

Read Self-care during times of crisis by Project Rockit's Lucy Thomas.