Wheeler Centre Hot Desk Fellowships 2013

The Wheeler Centre is pleased to announce the return of our popular Hot Desk Fellowships, made possible by the generous support of the Readings Foundation. Twenty writers will be offered fellowships in 2013.

Offering a $1000 stipend, and workspace in the Wheeler Centre over a two month period, the fellowships have been created simply to give you the space to write. Hot Desk Fellows will also be given in-kind support from the Wheeler Centre’s resident organisations.

The Hot Desk Fellowships also introduce you and your work to the public – we feature all our writers and their projects on our website. In 2012, some of our Hot Desk Fellows were approached by publishers interested in their work. Our writers have appreciated being part of a community of writers, as well as the productive space of a desk of their own.

Applications for the two Hot Desk Fellowship intakes of 2013 are now closed. Applications for the 2014 Hot Desk Fellowships will open on Monday 24 February, 2014.

2013 Fellowships

First intake: February 11 to April 19

Penelope Chai · Pack Savage · film script
Martin McKenzie-Murray · A Murder Without Motive · non-fiction
Wahibe Moussa · In the Garden · play
Kirsty Murray · The Year It All Ended · YA novel
Dominic Gordon · Bright City · novella

Second intake: April 29 to July 5

Angie Hart · Hurry Up and Wait · memoir
Pepi Ronalds · Untitled · non-fiction
L.K. Holt · This is Mars · poetry
Meleesha Bardolia · Waiting Upon Arrival · novella
Fatima Measham · No Shit · essay

Third intake: July 15 to September 21

Justin Heazlewood · Funemployed · non fiction
Dione Joseph · Indigenous Poetics of Performance · essay
Jacinta Le Plastrier · The Book of Skins · poetry
Dan Giovannoni · Jurrasica · play
Eileen Ormsby · Silk Road: the beginning of the end of prohibition? · non fiction

Fourth intake: September 30 to December 7

Zane Lovitt · King of Drones · crime
Sian Campbell · How to fry Shiitake · fiction
Luke Beesley · American Typewriter · poetry
Manisha Anjali Kumar · Peanuts · fiction
Andrew Bifield · Tacos at Midnight · fiction

2012 Fellowships

First intake: July 9 to 31 August

Luke Ryan · I Guess You’re Only As Sick As You Feel · memoir
Mel Campbell · Out of Shape · non-fiction
Julien Leyre · Love Migrants · fiction
Lorna Hendry · Wrong Way Round · memoir
Caitlin Henderson · The Adventures of Excellent Man and His Largely Redundant Sidekick · fiction
Christie Nieman · Disturbance · young adult
Lorin Clarke · Untitled · essay

Second intake: September 3 to October 26

Peter Bakowski · Personal Weather · poetry
Tom Trumble · Trapped on Timor · history
Adrian Murphy · Stained Promises · crime
Ronnie Scott · You’ll Never Wake Up · memoir
Melinda Harvey · Lip Service · essay
Matt Hetherington · Hidayet Ceylan · poetry translation

Third intake: October 29 to December 21

Oliver Mol · Transparent · fiction
Georgia Powick · Amelia Grimes · fantasy/young adult
Samuel Cooney · Trickle and Trace · novella
Rachel Hennessy · Who Would Have Thought There’d Be So Much Blood? · essay
Tim Richards · Stalin’s Cow: Travels Through Post-Communist Poland · travel/memoir
Anita Sethi · Shanti · fiction
Tracy Rigney · Slow Awakening · play