1. Who is eligible to enter So You Think You Can Pod?

So You Think You Can Pod is open to anyone living in Australia, with the following exceptions. Applicants must not be a current staff or board member, donor or sponsor of the Wheeler Centre. You may apply on behalf of an organisation (or organisations in partnership) if it's a not-for-profit or community organisation; branded podcasts aren't eligible.

2. Does it cost anything to enter?

No – entry is free.

3. Do I need to have experience with audio production to apply?

You do not, though it helps if you’ve listened to a few podcasts in your time and have a sense of what you’re aiming for. If in doubt, give it a shot. As above: it’s free!

4. I don’t have a dedicated recorder, and I don’t know how to use audio apps. How can I make a basic voice recording online?

There are many free online sound recorders that will let you save or send your file easily. Try recordmp3online.com or speakpipe.com, for example.

5. What will judges be looking for?

Excellent podcasts can take many forms – and exist for many different reasons. Our judges will consider all the entries on merit, with a preference for ideas that offer something uncommon: whether that’s to do with voices, stories, ideas, form or sound. Something approaching clarity of purpose always helps – a general brief like ‘true stories from real people’ is going to have to work extremely hard to stand out.

6. I don’t live in Melbourne.

That’s fine – we’re really keen to hear from people from all around Australia.

7. Is there a limit on the number of entries I can submit?

Not technically – but we strongly urge you to submit only your best idea. Your chances of winning don’t increase proportionally to the number of entries you submit.

8. Who owns the rights to my idea?

You do! Whew.

9. If successful, will the Wheeler Centre produce and publish my podcast?

The prize includes initial mentorship and editorial/marketing guidance from our team; part of that process will include discussing next steps. (Note that the Wheeler Centre doesn’t act solely as a publishing platform for unassociated podcasts.)

10. Who will judge the entries?

In 2018, So You Think You Can Pod will be judged by Josie Long (UK),  June Thomas (US) and more to be announced – alongside the Wheeler Centre’s head of publishing Sophie Black and senior digital editor Jon Tjhia. Our judges represent a cross-section of experience in, and genres of, audio media.

11. When will I find out if I’ve been successful?

Finalists will be notified ahead of our So You Think You Can Pod event on Wednesday 5 December – with a view to having them at the event to talk about their pitch. A winner will be announced shortly after.

12. Can I enter with an existing podcast?

You may submit an existing podcast, but it's essential that you demonstrate how your project could be developed and improved with the assistance of mentoring and access to professional tools.