2019: Pilot

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A mentorship and development programme for aspiring podcasters.

Signal Boost is an initiative offering tailored mentorship, practical support, and professional development for aspiring Australian podcasters. Recipients are paired with an experienced mentor, provided with equipment and access to software to help them realise their audio goals, and have the opportunity to attend a series of intensive workshops led by some of Australia’s leading podcast and radio industry professionals.

The Wheeler Centre works with each Signal Boost participant to support their projects and develop their audio skills, and also assists them with building a network of peers, gaining insight into the industry and accessing a range of professional opportunities.


2019 Signal Boost participants

Terra – Eugenia Zoubtchenko

Terra is an audio series exploring the ground beneath our feet. Subterranean landscapes, buried histories, hidden infrastructure. What does it taste, smell and feel like to explore the underground? What secrets can we unearth about ourselves, and Australia, by looking down?

Eugenia was mentored by Jess O’Callaghan.

About Eugenia

Eugenia has a background in architecture and a fascination with people's relationships with the urban and natural landscapes in which they live. She likes to make audio as an excuse to explore places and meet people that she's never encountered before. In 2018, she was the winner of the Wheeler Centre's So You Think You Can Pod competition.

Pill Pop – Silvi Vann-Wall and Izzie Austin

Pill Pop is an audio road trip by chronically ill people, for chronically ill people. Join hosts Izzie and Silvi on their aural journey inside the lives and bodies of people currently living with a chronic illness

Izzie and Silvi were mentored by Bec Fary.

About Silvi and Izzie

Silvi Vann-Wall is an audio producer and podcaster, with a strong journalism background. She loves making weird and wonderful audio and is usually found with headphones on. She has lived with a chronic illness for ten years and this informs her current work.

Izzie Austin is a zinester and postgraduate student who grew up in Brisbane with several cats, and now lives in Brunswick with just one cat. They are currently undertaking a PhD in cinema studies and working on a podcast about chronic illnesses, including their own messed-up pancreas.

Violet Town – Angel St James and Gina Song

Angel and Gina were mentored by Camilla Hannan. 

Reanimate – Ivy Shih

Reanimate is a science podcast that will invite the listener backstage to museums and archives. The podcast will not only bring overlooked specimens into the spotlight and bring them alive, but explore how the curator's lives are closely entertwined with the items in their care.

Ivy was mentored by Miles Martignoni.

About Ivy

Ivy Shih is a science writer and producer. She enjoys writing about any research topic big and small, from giant viruses to coconut-cracking megabats, but has an unending love for archives and museums.

She has written for publications such as Nature, Australian Geographic, The Conversation and Lateral, and was featured in The Best Australian Science Writing 2017 & 2019. In a past life, she was a virus researcher.

All Ears – Annaliese Redlich

All Ears looks at music in everyday life, how we make and manifest it, where we use it and why. The series spotlights stories of outsiders to the mainstream music world, interrogating the way it makes us feel in our bones, and its power to bond us with complete strangers and transcend time and reason.

Annaliese took part in a mentorship through the Broadwave podcasting network.

About Annaliese

Annaliese Redlich is a Melbourne broadcaster, producer, DJ and musician. Her weekly Saturday music radio show, Neon Sunset on Triple R, has built a dedicated following over the past five years. Her background is in design and communications and she has a particular interest in deep diving conversations with strangers – and overseas karaoke experiences. 

Composite image of Ivy Shih, Eugenia Zoubtchenko, Izzie Austin and Silvi Vann-Wall, and Annaliese Redlich

2019 Signal Boost participants (from left to right): Ivy Shih, Eugenia Zoubtchenko, Izzie Austin and Silvi Vann-Wall, Annaliese Redlich. Not pictured: Angel St. James and Gina Song


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