By Jamie Marina Lau

Missives from the Future: 2065 (Jamie Marina Lau)


This year the comets feel like they’re falling,
SBS on southern Silicon Valley watches, watch your heart out

  1. To eat off my own bones
  2. And pass the time with watching my own pores breathe in and out,
  3. I find it so very hard to go to Miami Gardens without lathering my skin in salves, and gels and fabrics,
  4. I only watch Toshiba
  5. My nephew wants to dibs my cars
  6. My nephew is complexly incapable
  7. I have witnessed nuclears, (from under my facial skin) and metaphorically
  9. Gertrude Stein has stepped on my back
  10. I have been ready to start over 52 times
  11. I have found new salves and gels and fabrics
  12. I have tried enslavement won by love
  13. And now I have a Silicon Valley watch, watch my heart out


  1. I am ill of phases
  2. I have had four punk phases
  3. Seven ways of cultural appropriation
  4. I have downloaded 70 cable channels, and only watched cooking shows
  5. I prepare microwave meals so as to not miss the cooking shows
  6. I did vape
  7. I have had anti-homo-sapien phases
  8. My diet is evergreen, ever flourishing, I am a thrived Omega 3 queen
  9. I got over cannibalism
  10. Rehabilitation
  11. Earth-theory 5: the earth is one man’s imagination
  12. The phone is an invention to the God, and we will witness our datas in afterlives
  13. The pro-gun regulation, resist torture and passion-kills
  14. I smoke weed
  15. Blown up sport coats and sex-fiend outfits,
  16. The explosion theory, Bicarb soda addiction
  17. Plump cheek addiction
  18. We experience 3 different stimulus from 3 different consoles at one time, this is addiction
  19. I am addicted to preoccupation
  20. I am addicted to listing, I am addicted to counting, I am addicted to seasons, to fermenting


  1. I do not want to see God, I’m afraid I to find out or not
  2. I pump gas and sometimes faint because I am so afraid
  3. The online VR churches hypnotize me, they simulate crickets chirping outside my window
  4. I un-sin myself when I am recycling but this doesn’t feel like enough


  1. I have injected myself for the fifth time today, I would appreciate the junk cell experiment where I do not have to feel violently awake
  2. When we couldn’t enhance our bodies, we would destroy them
  3. And fashion our homes
  4. To procreate luncheons, and Thermomix v13 Wonder Kitchen parties
  5. I host breakfasts, the host is always sheen, architecturally and personally
  6. My Grammercy Park home: two toned kitchens, my renovations do distract, my Thatcher Kitchen Double Island, my Sony VR console installed into every North facing wall, my Boca Do Lobo, my Cubic Big sculpture, my Maison Valentina, my Symphony bathtub, Chanel delivered to my apartment chute
  7. I inject myself for the fifth time today, and dirty my Maison Valentina which I work so hard to adore
  8. I am seeking a better way to love myself, adore my features

This story was written by Jamie Marina Lau.

Portrait of Jamie Marina Lau

Jamie Marina Lau

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