Our run of plaques has ended –but you can still be a part of #discuss. Read on.

We want you to #discuss.

Use Twitter to air your observation, idea or topic of discussion with the #discuss hashtag, and you could find it immortalised in one of a slew of rapidly produced historical markers that will adorn the city.

Tell us, straight up, what is missing from public discussion. What are you uncertain of? What topics or questions are your unresolvables, your impossibles? What do you care about, but don’t entirely get?

What do we urgently need to #discuss?

In a project that is part street art and part New Yorker-style caption contest, we want you to let us into your dark room of unformed opinions – and drag them out for some air.

At the Wheeler Centre, we’re all about public conversations. This week, we’ll be bringing our city’s digital discussions to life. Join us. #discuss.

Each day, we’ll choose the ten best discussion points on Twitter with #discuss – those that provoke and inspire – and have them printed on plaques and scattered around the city as discussion markers. But that’s only the beginning.

We’ll snap a photo of the plaque and send it back to you. Whatever it is you want to talk about has the potential to take on a life of its own, as the discussion spreads from your tweet into the real world. Something you need to get off your chest? All you need to get started is a phone, an opinion and #discuss.

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Why #discuss?

For a more detailed read about what we’re doing (and why), take a peep at the manifesto.

How do I take part?

If you have Twitter, simply post your tweet with the #discuss hashtag.

Not on Twitter? Visit discuss.wheelercentre.com – where you can follow discussions from Twitter, add your comments and submit your own new topics and ideas. Or simply find one of our discussion marker plaques, walk past it with a friend, and get talking.

What can I #discuss?

Whatever’s on your mind. If you’re engaging with us, we’ve got some community guidelines to help you make the most of it.

When’s this happening?

We turned our final tweets into plaques on Sunday 8 June 2014. But don’t ever let an end date stop you from having a conversation.