Portrait of Tillie Boleyn

Tillie Boleyn

Tilly Boleyn is the Head of Curatorial at Science Gallery Melbourne. Basically, she’s a massive nerd, curious about the world and everything in it. Her background is in museums, galleries, education, festivals, broadcasting and research. Originally a microbiologist, Tilly ran from the lab to the ABC, where she discovered a talent for science gossip – talking about other people’s science rather than doing her own.

She has curated exhibitions on health, medicine, experimentation, the voice, engineering, sustainability. Science Gallery opens in January 2022 with MENTAL, a show that’s part experiment, part exhibition that explores different perspectives around mental health.

Tilly is delighted by blurring the boundaries between science, art, design, technology, maths, engineering, large-scale-batteries-powered-by-human-urine and doing things she's told aren't allowed.