Portrait of Mary-Louise O'Callaghan

Mary-Louise O'Callaghan

Mary-Louise O’Callaghan began her professional life as a cadet journalist on the Age newspaper in her hometown of Melbourne. From 1983-1985 she was the Guardian’s stringer in China before returning to Australia and eventually focusing her career in the Pacific. Winner of three Walkley awards, she was Fairfax South Pacific Correspondent (1987-1995) before joining The Australian in the same role (1995-2004).

In 1998 her book, Enemies Within: Papua New Guinea, Australia, and the Sandline Crisis: The Inside Story was published by Doubleday. More recently, Mary-Louise has led the Public Affairs team for the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Island.

Returning to Melbourne after 25 years in Solomon Islands, she is currently Head of CEO Media and Risk at World Vision Australia. She is married to Solomon Islands leader and anti-corruption campaigner, Joses Tuhanuku. They have four children.