The climate change discussion has been deadlocked in this country for decades. So for this year’s Di Gribble Argument, we’re not presenting a debate — instead, we’re proposing the radical act of listening. Three essays by Bruce Pascoe (author of Dark Emu), Victor Steffensen (author of Fire Country) and Teila Watson (aka Ancestress) offer three different generational perspectives on climate management and caring for Country. Each writer will speak from a body of knowledge that has beensilenced since invasion. First Nations responses to 2020’s bushfires and the pandemic offer yet more opportunities to reimagine how we rebuild in a radically different time, but are our political leaders smart enough to listen? 

On Sunday 28 March 2021, a full day of events will be held at the Malthouse Outdoor Stage featuring a broad range of First Nations speakers discussing and reflecting on the ideas raised in the three essays. Through panels, performance and music, the events and  essays will encourage multi-generational public dialogue that empowers individuals to engage with environmental action.