Illustration of the letters F-U-L-L amongst a pile of rocks, pipes and other detritus

Illustration: Lachlan Conn

We're at capacity with this edition of Notes; bringing you a whole lot of writing on the theme of Full. What’s plenty? What’s the maximum? What’s enough? How, and when, do we stop?

The pieces in this edition explore ideas of stuffing and cramming – our bodies, our bins and even our sentences. We're reflecting, too, on filling in the gaps – on taking in nuance and detail beyond vacant first impressions. Also: bugs. We're eating bugs.

Eloise Grills considers the joys and horrors of over-eatingAndré Dao gains a richer understanding of new landscapesCatie McLeod investigates the growing entomophagy (insect-eating) movementAlistair Baldwin remembers his first job as a keyword-cramming copywriter, and an anonymous recycling collector begs us not to overstuff our bins.

Plus, more from our archive on questions of supply and saturation: from housing markets and the gig economy to storytelling journalism and literary feasts.