Epic Rap Battle: Obama versus Romney

As we gear up for the final showdown between presidential candidates Mitt Romney and Barack Obama, in the form of the final debate, you might like to distract yourself with this less conventional (spoof) version: an epic rap battle.

Barack Obama vs Mitt Romney. Epic Rap Battles Of History Season 2.

Watch the Epic Rap Battle version of Obama versus Romney - with Abraham Lincoln thrown into the mix.

Best lines include:

‘I’m not going to let this battle be dictated by facts.’ (Fake Romney)

‘Raw rhymes/stronger than my jawline.’ (Fake Romney)

‘So rich and white it’s like I’m running against a cheesecake.’ (Fake Obama)

‘Don’t talk about change, just do it/I fought for what was on my brain until a bullet went through it.’ (Fake Abraham Lincoln - don’t ask, you’ll see how he comes into it.)

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