To Know the Land: documenting global warming

The Weather Stations: Substations project at Footscray City College involves a class of Year Nine students in a program that invites them to engage with climate change and the environment, through art and creativity. Here, we present several short films produced by the students, designed to raise awareness of issues relating to changing weather conditions.

Thinking Global, Acting Local

At an open day forum as part of the project, the students decided to each make a commitment to camera of one small thing they could change in our behaviour to decrease their carbon footprints.

Weather Stations: Substations: Thinking Global, Acting Local

To know the land

In this film, Grace, Tien, Olivia and Ioannis compare scientific and Indigenous perspectives on global warming and changes to the Australian environment.

Weather Stations: Substations: Fighting Food Miles: To know the land

Fighting Food Miles

Darcy, Max and Spencer look at how the distance food travels from its source to your plate can affect your carbon footprint.

Weather Stations: Substations: Fighting Food Miles

Food for Thought

In this film, Luca, Maxine, Eliza and Urja investigate changes to the production and availability of certain foods due to the effects of global warming.

Weather Stations: Substations: Food for Thought

Extreme Weather Conditions

In this film, Peter, Gabriel, Javier and Ahad look at the effects of an increase in extreme weather events.

Weather Stations: Substations: Extreme Weather Conditions

What's for Dinner?

In this film, Makita, Devlin and Corey think about what we might have to eat in the future  including insects –  if our current foods are affected by global warming.

Weather Stations: Substations: What's for Dinner?

Green Architecture

In this film, Will, Elijah and Angie interviewed people living in The Commons, a sustainable building and community in Brunswick, Melbourne.

Weather Stations: Substations: Green Architecture

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