The Suburban Field Guide to Miscellaneous Oddities, 2015

Deep in the heart of State Library Victoria at this year's Children's Book Festival, creative kids came together to make a giant, colourful book. The result? The Suburban Field Guide to Miscellaneous Oddities.

Image: The work in progress

Taking equal parts imagination and invention, the book was created entirely within Children's Book Festival 2015 on Sunday 22 March. State Library Victoria's Emma Hewitt, who developed the concept for the book, explains the idea behind it:

The Suburban Field Guide to Miscellaneous Oddities is a giant collaborative book featured at the 2015 Children’s Book Festival. Inspired by the work of Shaun Tan, TSFGTMO invited children to create their own ‘oddity’ using household shapes and collage materials. Each oddity was added to the pages of the book to create the delightful scenes of suburbia. Over 12,000 children and families attended the Festival, but we still don’t know how many oddities were created. Count them and see!

Click to download your copy of The Suburban Field Guide to Miscellaneous Oddities (PDF)

Download a copy of the book in PDF format.

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