Wikipedia Open to All

Yesterday the world’s largest online encyclopedia revised its editing policy according to the BBC.

In the past controversial articles - such as the profile of George W Bush - were locked to prevent vandalism but under the new editing rules there are fewer blocks. It’s now possible to update vandal-prone entries which will then be labelled “pending changes”. These entries will be signed-off on by a wikipedian - one of the millions of volunteers around the world who watch entries on the encyclopedia to proof against vandalism and inaccuracy.

Wikipedia founder, Jimmy Wales announced the changes as a real improvement in the online reference site by opening up controversial entries to anyone. “These have had to be semi-protected for years just because they are too tempting for naughty people to try something funny,” Wales said.

Controversial entries includes Wales own entry which according to a New Yorker article the Wikipedia founder had “been caught airbrushing… eighteen times in the past year” to remove references to his history with “adult content”. Apparently Jimbo, as he prefers to be known, is okay with this being called “erotic photography” but if you disagree you can always submit an edit to his entry to see just how long it will be “pending changes”

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