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The State Library of Victoria's reading room

The State Library of Victoria's reading room

Library-lovers will go weak in the knees for this list of the world’s 35 most amazing libraries, but Victorians have an added pleasure in store. The State Library of Victoria has been listed at number 23 in the list - a feather in the library’s cap, considering the company it’s keeping. It’s enough to make Borges weep.

Last week, we referred you to an article defending public-interest journalism in the Columbia Journalism Review. It was another instalment in a fascinating online debate that concerns not just journalism and the media but art and culture too. If the cost of production of online journalism and culture is close to zero, and if all good content can be picked over by content vultures, and if paywalls don’t work, what hope do ‘content producers’ have of making a living from what they do? It’s the subject of a book review by Maria Popova of Brain Pickings, one of our favourite websites. Popova supports a pay-what-you-like model of online publishing.

The Age carries a Guardian report today on how consensus on a global climate change treaty seems to have dissipated among wealthy countries. According to the report, agreement on a treaty is now unlikely before 2016, and implementation of any such treaty unlikely before 2020. Explore the Wheeler Centre’s climate change and carbon tax-related content.

Money has been much on our minds lately - both here at the Dailies and in the collective hive. Just try not to get lost in this amazing infographic on all the money in the world, ever. (Addendum: while on the topic, we also note Satyajit Das' insight-abundant look at the financial mess the US has gotten itself into.)

Finally, fans of Scandinavian crime writing will find this article a must-read. It’s a look at how Norwegian crime writing has been affected by the killing spree of right-wing lone gunman Anders Behring Breivik. While we’re on the topic of Scandinavian crime fiction, here’s the video of the Wheeler Centre appearance earlier this year of Eva Gabrielsson, Stieg Larsson’s widow.

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