FitzSimons on his new book

Peter FitzSimons is known for his books tackling the big issues, such as Kokoda or his biographies of Steve Waugh and Kim Beazley, but focusing on his own life was a challenge.

His latest book, A Simpler Time reflects on how his upbringing has shaped his values. Australian Bookseller & Publisher was among the first reviews for the title, saying “FitzSimons knows the value of a yarn, and this book contains some great ones. Good for nostalgia and a laugh.”

In an interview on ABC’s Life Matters he talks about when using his parents' letters and diaries covering their courtship and his own birth. FitzSimons talks about his father first introduced him to literature while packing tomatoes on their farm. He remembers: “To keep our minds active Dad would tell us stories and… teach us poetry. Every night you would learn a new stanza.” The literary education served him well and it was Rudyard Kipling’s If that FitzSimons' recited to himself before making his test debut as a Wallaby.