Journalism’s Age of Extinction or Curation?

The Times ran a passionate defence of journalism by reflecting back on advice by legendary former editor, Nicholas Tomalin. The article updates Tomalin’s maxim that success in journalism depended on “rat-like cunning, a plausible manner and a little literary ability”. But in the ever-evolving world of online reporting they cite tenacity as the most important quality for young journos.

Over at Wired, however, they’re talking about a journalism’s new essential skill: curation. In an era of “too many people, [and] too many of their opinions”, readers will rely more on other people to assemble their news.

The article points to Facebook and Twitter as news sources for young people with just the iPad the latest curation tool. “Original reporting is still as important as it was before” but only really as “a great way to get everyone else to link back to you.” Journalists of the future will need to find ways to make their stories unique if they want to be curated to the top of the even busier news feed.