McSweeney’s Launches Three New Ventures

The McSweeney’s empire continues to grow apace. Last week, Dave Eggers and co announced the launch of two new imprints under the McSweeney’s umbrella. The Bay-Citizen reports that “chef David Chang of Momofuku fame in New York announced that his quarterly project, Lucky Peach, will have a print component done by McSweeney’s as well as an iPad app”. There’s a cookbook also in the works for June publication, with a portion of profits going to charity.

McSweeney’s is also branching out into books for children. McSweeney’s McMullens will release 4 books in May - with 6 more to be released before the end of the year, all under the direction of McSweeney’s editor and art director Brian McMullen.

Finally, there’s The Goods, the third of McSweeney’s new ventures. The Goods is a “gallimaufry” (Macquarie Dictionary: “1. a hotchpotch; jumble; confused medley; 2. US a hash made from leftovers [French galimafrée, origin unknown]”) of visual content. It will include games, puzzles, comics “and other diversions” to be syndicated in North America, where syndication has long been big business.

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