The Vices of Bret Easton Ellis

Ahead of his release of Imperial Bedrooms, Bret Easton Ellis gave an interview to Vice magazine in his characteristic rock-star style.

When pushed on why he wrote a sequel to Less Than Zero, Easton Ellis shrugged “Because I wanted to.” Quibbling with the arch writer behind American Psycho is never a good idea so who could argue with his response “I never thought of this as a sequel. I thought of it as exploring where this character is 20 years later. That was the one driving point. I didn’t want to write a sequel and I don’t think it is.”

When asked the ever-present question about how much he writes from himself, Easton Ellis replies “The closest I’ve come to my actual voice was probably in Lunar Park, where I was really freely writing how I probably do write in terms of emails and how I talk to friends.”

Easton Ellis appears for the Wheeler Centre in August with tickets on sale 16 July.