Deryn Hinch Comes Out Swinging on Homosexual Marriage

Yesterday on 3AW radio broadcaster Derryn Hinch likened the struggle by same sex couples to legally marry to the African American protests for equal rights in the 1960s, despite his previous anti-marriage equality views.

Hinch opened by confessing that in the past he had “followed the ignorant, blinkered, almost homophobic, line without thinking it through” but has since come around to thinking of gay marriage as a question of human rights. After pointing out a number of nations where same-sex marriage was legal including Iceland’s recent prime ministerial wedding Hinch almost chanelled Martin Luther King saying “Equality will prevail. One day.”

Hinch went on to refer to recent Tweets by lesbian TV host Ruby Rose including her comment “its discrimination and I beleive we are above that its [sic] 2010”. Hinch also interviewed our Lunchbox/Soapboxer Rodney Croome.

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