Celeb Books Are Back

Six Million Dollar Woman Tina Fey

Six Million Dollar Woman Tina Fey

Celebrity books have always been colossal since the 1990s when Jerry Seinfeld’s cult pushed Seinlanguage into the New York Times bestseller list. But the Daily Beast reports that the celeb book is making a come back.

The recent success of Tori Spelling (her puntastic title: sTORI Telling) and Chelsea Handler has seen several new star titles signed - for big bucks. Tina Fey was paid US$6 million for her title almost back to the 1990s heyday that saw Jerry banking US$7 million for his book.

But the current favourite celeb title is that of controversial cricketer Sachin Tendulkar, according to the Guardian. Ten copies of the Tendulkar Opus will include the cricketers’s blood mixed in with the paper pulp. Other embellishments include unpublished family photographs and pages edged in gold leaf. And you can get one of the pricey ten copies for a mere US$75,000.

If your love of the Indian cricketer doesn’t break the four-figure mark then there will be a thousand hardcover copies costing US$2,000-3,000 which are signed and include his DNA profile. This should come in handy if you’re thinking of cloning the cricketing great.

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