Gatsby Goes 3D

Australian film director Baz Luhrmann has outraged fans of The Great Gatsby by saying that his remake may be shot in 3D.

The Guardian points out that the book doesn’t offer the “breathless cinematic thrills as Jaws III, Piranha 3D or Avatar”. The article goes on to quote Time Out film editor Dave Calhoun saying “If you’re spending time worrying about how to make Gatsby’s hat poke out of the screen or Daisy’s necklace float in front of your eyes, what else are you spending time not worrying about. Story? Dialogue? Pace? Acting? Character?”

Luhrmann announced the possibility of a 3D version at an electronics show in Las Vegas, though the LA Times said he “spoke with crackling enthusiasm about his investigation into 3D”.

One Fitzgerald fan positive about the possibility of 3D is satirist Andy Borowitz who tweeted his enthusiasm for the project: “Glad they’re making Great Gatsby in 3-D. My favorite part of the book was when Gatsby threw knives at the reader’s face.”