Rudd in Remainder Bin

As Australia welcomes its first femme PM, spare a thought for publishers and authors who wrote about the former PM Kevin Rudd.

Rise of the Ruddbot seemed like a snappy title for the release of Annabel Crabb’s July released book, but now the author may find herself hurriedly pasting “And Fall” stickers on the cover. Similarly Rudd’s own children’s book Jasper and Abby and the Great Australia Day Kerfuffle won’t be getting many bids on e-bay on our national day next year.

But perhaps the hardest hit is Jessica Rudd. Her breezy chick-lit fictionalisation of Kevin 07, Campaign Ruby, hit bookshelves at the end of August. Now every press release will be dogged by questions about the spill and if the Ruby of the title isn’t veiled reference to a certain well-known redhead.

Better news for Jacqueline Kent, who’s The Making of Julia Gillard will be the go-to guide for the new PM despite the bad review from fellow Gillard biographer Christine Wallace.

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