Flannery and Rowley on the Deakins

Both Tim Flannery and Nick Rowley come to the Deakin Lectures as veterans of last year’s Copenhagen Climate Change Summit. After the disappointing outcome of that conference we asked both presenters, why sign up for more talk on climate change?

Series Moderator Rowley sees the lectures as a chance to continue the debate. “At a time when the public debate is confused, the politics a mess, but the risks only more clear, we need to hear from those with deep understanding and experience of what it takes to meaningfully address the climate change. More than bold words from the stage, each Deakins lecture will challenge the audience and allow us to question what it will take to address this most wicked of problems."

For Series Curator Tim Flannery it’s about action shifting from the political to the personal. “Accepting we have a problem, and doing something about it, are two different things. As we move towards taking action we need to hear from leaders who have changed things, in their business, political party or community: innovators who have succeeded in addressing an aspect of the climate problem.”

“You may not have heard of some of them, but in their spheres they’re global champions. That’s why this year’s Deakins are so important. They give us the chance to learn from the world’s most successful game-changers in the climate arena, and so to lift our own game.”

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