Analyse the Election Over Lunch with Megalogenis

So who won the election? While most of us are still scratching our heads over the federal election, political commentator George Megalogenis is sifting through the tea leaves and looking at how effective a new government can be in a hung parliament. This week he brings his political insight onto a special crisis-edition of Lunchbox/Soapbox to tell us what Saturday’s results mean.

His first take on the polls over at his Meganomics blog looks at how the country was carved up. He suggests “The path to minority government for the Coalition is through the bush, with the backing of the two independents in NSW and a third from Queensland.” And for Labor the path is more difficult, “three bush independents would need to find common purpose with an inner-city Green from Melbourne and a left-leaning Tasmanian independent”.

By Thursday’s Lunchbox/Soapbox the landscape will have shifted again and Megalogenis could be interpreting a new parliament.

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