Superpoets land on MWF

The last few days of the festival have focussed on the schools programme which has meant writers adopting super-human alter egos. For Michelle Dabrowski and Sean M Whelan (both pictured) they’ve become the Superpoets, with a show in Fed Square’s Atrium culminating in the Out Loud Big Bang Grand Finale. The finale brings together six schools to battle it out for supremacy and possibly a few evil super villains.

Yesterday saw the great debate, Fading Twillight, which asked if Stephanie Myers' books were “harmless, escapist fantasy that is inspiring more teens to read than ever before or mind-numbing, badly plotted tripe?”

On Twitter, Anniene Stockton thought author “@vanbadham gave the winning debate! Van you rock!!” But it was Badham’s team who were defeated by the affirmative including Chris Flynn who talked persuasively about “frozen vampire penises” and convinced that Twillight’s vampires will no longer drain our bookshelves.