Valentine’s Day for Booklovers

Old Valentine's Day card via WikiCommons

Old Valentine's Day card via WikiCommons

By now no-one needs reminding that today is Valentine’s day. In honour of the occasion we’ve found some links that our romantically-inclined readers may enjoy. We begin with a pertinent piece from Flavorwire that could prove useful over the next day or so.

Here’s a peek into the love life of the famous and famously reclusive JD Salinger. Things might have turned out differently for him had he read this piece from Esquire. The men’s magazine has published a series of articles by women giving men advice on how to scrub up for the occasion.

For the ardent lover, nothing beats the recitation from memory of a love poem. John Stammer has 10 to choose from. For those who, above all, heart libraries, there’s this. Here’s a video from the Wheeler Centre’s Week of Love & Lust last year, here’s a history of kissing, and from Flavorwire, there’s this list of great sex scenes written by women.

And finally who can resist a pair of star-crossed lovers?