Who Killed Kevin Rudd?

Though Julia Gillard removes the knife from former PM Kevin Rudd as she takes power, there have been many backers whispering in her ear.

ABC Unleashed highlights Rudd’s failure to build a factional power base and that the Labor Right have risen to support Rudd. The Australian Worker’s Union has publicly waved their flag for Gillard and ACT Senator Kate Lundy backed her on Twitter: “I will be voting for Julia Gillard in the l'ship ballot. She will be an inspiring PM!”

But the media has slowly been equally contributed. When David Marr discussed his Kevin Rudd essay he showed great respect for Rudd and his “love of martyrs” including Whitlam but ultimately felt disappointed. Interviewer Robert Manne confessed himself as a Ruddite, but said he’d changed his mind with recent policy backflips.

From the Opposition side, Malcolm Turnbull used his appearance at the Deakins Lecture to eviscerate Rudd on the ETS. “What do you stand for Kevin?” Turnbull .

Gillard can expect to meet similar criticism soon as Australia lurches towards this year’s election. Will she be haunted like Lady Macbeth by the blood she has shed?

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