How healthy is the ETS?

Over the weekend, Australia’s political commentators gave their diagnosis for the Rudd Government’s policy go slow on climate change.

In The Australian, Paul Kelly damned Rudd saying the retreat “leaves his credibility in serious doubt and Australia’s policy in untenable suspension”.

Over at New Matilda, Jason Wilson saw some blue sky with Rudd showing “some virtue… by accepting responsibility for things which are essentially not his fault, in the broader interest of ensuring the next election result”.

Meanwhile the Herald Sun, Laurie Oakes gave up on Kevin and called “Abbott to abandon the budgie smugglers or the bike, but it is time he put his head down and produce some serious policy”.

To take the pulse of the ETS, the Deakin Lectures features Emissions Trading: Dead or Alive with energy economist Denny Ellerman and Martin Parkinson, Secretary of Australia’s Department of Climate Change.