Twilight’s Baby Boom

If you’re doubting the impact of books on the real world then check the latest list of most popular US baby names.

The New York Times, reports that Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight’s werewolf heartthrob, Jacob, has gone straight to number one with a silver bullet. Skeptics point out that Jacob has been number one for 11 years, but vamp-loving heroine Isabella topped the list of girls names.

If there were still any doubt about the power of Meyer’s books, the name Cullen, the surname of the Twilight’s bloodsucking hero, suddenly appeared out of nowhere as the 485th most popular name. Time magazine reports that the last time a pop culture phenomenon hit the baby names like this was when Friends saw Rachel and Ross' child Emma jump up the list. But if you’re stuck for child names they also direct you to the hilarious Sarah Palin baby name generator.