New Nook Shares Reading Around

US book chain Barnes and Noble have announced they’ll release a new e-reader that’s creeping closer to being an iPad, according to GalleyCat.

Unlike the Kindle the Nook Color promises a new high quality colour screen and links in with social networking sites. The NOOKFriends feature lets you copy passages of a book into Facebook or Twitter so you can tell everyone what you’re reading.

The Nook also has LendME ™ which allows you the ability to share books with other Nooks. But you have to be a fast reader because the books expire after 14 days. It sets the Nook apart from other devices like the Kindle which lock your books to your machine.

The Nook Color will run on Google Android and goes on sale in the US in late November for US$249 with no news of the Australian release.

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