Reading the Deakins

Local readers might be all too familiar with our curator from the wealth of books Tim Flannery has written - most notably his seminal and influential climate change work The Weather Makers. Based on this book, the Sydney Morning Herald said “Flannery is passionate about educating us about global warming in the hope of disrupting our - and key decision makers' - lethal complacency”.

But several of our other speakers have also put their climate change views to print. Tim Jackson’s Prosperity Without Growth was hailed by the Guardian as at the vanguard of a new ideal. ‘A new economic movement is emerging, and this superbly written book should be the first stop for anyone wanting a manifesto.’

Peter Singer has written extensively about ethics, our society and animal rights. His groundbreaking The Life You Can Save looks at how our individual morality needs to shift to make real change. The New York Times concluded their review of the book with “When it comes to living the so-called "good” life, one’s moral omissions count more than ever."