SWF wrapped but still playing

Sydney Writer’s Festival has finished for another year and the Sydney Morning Herald called it “a record-breaking success despite bad weather and the non-appearance of a popular author.” Even with the showers and the absence of Eat, Pray, Love author Elizabeth Gilbert the festival drew huge crowds and featured Christopher Hitchens, Peter Carey and John Ralston Saul.

If like us you couldn’t get to Sydney there are plenty of chances to catch up without leaving your computer. The ABC created an online portal to showcase the radio, video and text that the national broadcaster captured. We enjoyed Susan Maushart on unplugging from the media machine in her audio Living Offline.

Slow TV filmed several sessions including big guests like Paul Keating and Hitchens, with their first Peter Carey video just going live today. And if you want to hear what audiences thought the #swf2010 Twitter tag has plenty of opinions on individual sessions. Plus there are plenty of blogs - here’s Overland’s highlights.