The Top 10 Things I Have Learnt From this Election by Fatima Malik

Blogger Fatima Malik

Blogger Fatima Malik

I know this election has been all about moving forward but given the current political stalemate, it might be worthwhile to take a look backwards. Here are the top 10 things I learnt this election.

10) That Maxine McKew is the political world’s equivalent of a one slam wonder in tennis.

9) That it is possible for Tony Abbott not to put his foot in his mouth for an entire 4 week period.

8 ) That Jessica Rudd is possibly Nostradamus and if she had just written a book about a prime minister who weathers some bad polling to election victory this could have been a very different election.

7) That speaking off the cuff actually means reading a speech word for word.

6) That the sequel to the movie Julie and Julia will be Julia and Julia: One Woman’s Journey to the ‘Real Julia’.

5) That all we have needed this whole time to solve the humanitarian and moral dilemma of refugees is a ‘boat phone’.

4) That qanda is the best show on Australian television.

3) That the only the people of Western Sydney and Queensland are voting in this election.

2) That we don’t need a local version of Jersey Shore because we have Mark Latham.

1) That you should never deride an election as uninteresting and boring because it will result in a hung parliament just to spite you.

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