Unsucking Election Jargon

If you’ve felt like you need a translator during this election, you’re not alone. We tried unsuck it which told us that “moving forwards” just means “in the future” which is the same translation for another piece of gobbledygook “On a Go-Forward Basis”. Imagine how this campaign might have played out if Julia had only told us that she wanted to “Proceed on a Go-Forward Basis”.

While we couldn’t find any translation for “Stand up for real Action” we did find “ideate” (meaning think) and “Drink the Kool-Aid” (meaning follow blindly). While most Australians aren’t drinking the Kool Aid this week and can ideate for themselves, we’d like it if politicians could “get down in the weeds” (explore the details) in this last week of the campaign rather than leaving us to “blue sky think” (use your imagination) about what they really mean.

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