Best Bad Romance (Book Covers)

It’s Sex Week at the Wheeler Centre this week, kicking off tonight with What Do Women Want? and finishing Friday with the latest instalment of our always-steamy (and generally silly) Erotic Fan Fiction.

Most of our Sex Week events are booked out, but you can still reserve a place at Thursday’s Lunchbox/Soapbox session with Dyani Lewis, Are We Too Promiscuous For Our Own Good?.

To set the mood, we’ve gathered some of the best bad romance covers we could find - a red-hot example of what some want, if the publishing industry is right.

Animals and sex don’t go together for most … but there is a romance series, Animal Magnetism, especially for animal lovers.

And for the kinky, or ridiculous, minded, there’s dinosaur porn

A prospective husband in a leather trenchcoat, shirtless? Why not.

Gay pirate werewolf sex literature is a thing.

Why is there a little boy lurking under the table?

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