Assange On Trial

If bookings for our WikiLeaks event on February 18 are any indication (it booked out faster than a royal wedding), we just can’t read enough about Julian Assange and his controversial website. Guy Rundle wrote sparklingly yesterday in Crikey of Assange’s extradition fight. Rundle’s piece mentions this New York Times Magazine profile of Assange, but for a more personal insight into Assange there’s this New Yorker profile from June 2010.

Those thirsting for more literary angles need look no further than Robert McCrum in the Guardian on why we still need books to make sense of WikiLeaks. And at BookForum Ken Silverstein assesses the WikiLeaks cables as literature.

Added 10 February, this from “Things have gotten ugly between WikiLeaks and Daniel Domscheit-Berg, the former staffer at the secret-spilling site who left in September of last year.”

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